Custom Built Indian Instruments

handmade indian instruments custom built - Veena (Vina)
Custom Veena (Vina)
The top is German Spruce carved like an archtop guitar with fret rails on Indian Rosewood, not wax. The body re-carved from a single peace of teak. A custom carved, gold-leaf swan adorns the headstock.
handmade indian instruments custom built - Ectara
Custom Ectara
Simplicity taken up a notch! A Gourd body with calf-skin head and bamboo neck. The head has carved rosewood leave with a pearl swan and lotus inlays. A silver Ganesh on the headstock finishes this fine Ectara with transparent burgundy lacquer.
handmade indian instruments custom built - Swaramandala
Custom Swaramandala
A German Spruce top, solid figured maple sides and back and multi-colored binding. Inlaid pearl OM and carved lotus flower design adorn this custom built swaramandala. The special bracing and wood selection gives this instrument incredible tone.
handmade indian instruments custom built - Door Harp
Custom Indian Door Harp
Made from book-matched Rosewood with special bracing. Banded Maple showcases the OM. Special bracing on this custom built Indian Door Harp support the tension stength of the strings with Bone beads for striking. A flurry of sound comes out from the special luthiers touch.
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"The harmonium plays beautifully and we can only sit in awe at your expertise and tender care in repairing it. There are few if any luthiers who include harmonium repair, and you do it with great finesse. Thank you."
~ wah
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