Mahogany Stratocaster style electric guitar

Schneidocaster - Custom Mahogany Electric Guitar

The warmth, feel, and sustain of fine select Mahogany in a Stratocaster® style electric guitar. The custom built Schneidocaster is a beauty that has unique, high-end silver wound Seymour Zephyr pickups. Dave has made an alteration in the body to ensure the guitar player has unimpeded access to the upper frets. This "Strat" has all the fine craftsmanship you expect from a Dave Schneider guitar.

Custom Built Mahogany Schneidocaster "Strat" Style Guitar
Handmade by Dave at Schneider Guitars
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"Dave has worked on my 1989 American Stratocaster® since the beginning. The setup of this guitar is incredible and with a floating whammy, I can coerse amazing sounds. Most recently, we replaced the frets with jumbos and the guitar's playability is better than ever. Dave has the experience and know-how to squeeze out every last drop of musical beauty. Thanks Dave!"
~ D.H., Guitarist
Schneider Guitars
Bearsville, NY
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