New York Guitar Repair, Restoration and Setups

Schneider Guitars is a full service guitar repair, restoration and setup workshop based in Bearsville New York, run solely by Dave Schneider, luthier. From acoustic and electric guitars to classical and indian instruments, Dave offers 30 plus years of guitar repair experience. Since Dave builds the instruments, handmade and customized to fit the musician, he puts his experience to work in all repairs as well. Dave is not just a guitar technician, but an experienced luthier.

When it comes to your prized guitar, rely on an experienced luthier. Dave does all the guitar repair work, all the time - one experienced luthier ... call Dave at 845-684-5566.

acoustic guitar repair

Acoustic Guitar Repair

From neck resets to fret work to brace repair, Schneider Guitars has done it all - and done it for some of the finest musicians from New York and around the world.

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electric guitar repair

Electric Guitar Repair

Our experience ranges from complete restorations of vintage and rare guitars to the basic electric guitar setup to replacing electronics and everything in between. If you are a musician who appreciates the work of an experienced luthier, Schneider Guitars is everything you need.

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indian instrument repair

Indian Instrument Repair

Schneider Guitars performs major repairs on harmoniums, tambouras, veenas, sarods, swarmandalas, sitars and many other indian instruments which had been badly damaged or are in need of setup or tuning.

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Experience in Guitar Repair, Restoration and Setups
30+ Years as a Luthier
call Dave at 845-684-5566 or contact us today!
"Thru repair and restoration Dave has made all my instruments play to their full potential, treating, Fender's, Gibson's, Martin's, etc. as if he built them himself. They all sound and play better than they did before he got his hands on them . He can bring an instrument to life reviving its spirit or some how passing on his to the instrument."
~ Tim Sylvester, Musician Producer
T-Sly Band and
Schneider Guitars
Bearsville, NY
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