Rosewood Dreadnought flat top handmade acoustic guitar

Custom Built Rosewood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
The Om

This Rosewood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar will Engage

My choice of a large, oval soundhole is a result of years of experience with traditional round soundholes. I’ve studied carefully the interaction of the strings with the soundhole and the movement of air inside the instrument body. My oval soundhole contributes to a bigger, well-balanced sound that carries to the ends of a room or hall, and that can be heard over other, louder instruments when played without amplification. This gives you more control over the volume and tone and allows you to explore a more engaging musical landscape. You can create real freight train blues with sizzling solos, and a sound that will leave your audience begging for encores.

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Rosewood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
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"To watch Dave Schneider at work is to see deep love, respect and mastery all merge into a high level of devotion and art. He doesn't just adjust or fix, he pours himself into each instrument as only a true artist can, and the result is outstanding."
~ Peter Hicks, Guitarist for Aradhna
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