Rosewood Jumbo handmade acoustic guitar

Custom Built Rosewood Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

This Rosewood Jumbo Acoustic Guitar has Palettes

A world-class guitar should be light and responsive, with good clarity and separation. A player needs to be able to produce a variety of sounds, everything from a warm, mellow tone to a bright treble when required by the music. This allows you to explore the full spectrum of sound. Owners of my guitars like being able to shift quickly from one palette of sound to another, from a sexy, bluesy groove to a driving, percussive sound to a sweet, singing sustain—almost as if they had changed guitars.

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Rosewood Jumbo Acoustic Guitar
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"After many years of looking for the "Holy Grail" of acoustic guitars and being frustrated on not getting the sound I was looking for, I had Dave build me one. I have now stopped looking!! Dave's acoustic guitars are the best. The tone and tamber is the best of any out there, vintage or new!! Thanks Dave, for building the best I have ever played!!!"
~ Douglas Spahni
Schneider Guitars
New York
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