Custom Saraswati Veena (Vina)

This Veena re-design was done while studying in India. I basically took a newer instrument with a cracked soundboard, parted it, and re-designed the entire instrument.

This custom designed Veena has German Spruce carved like an archtop guitar with 2 parallel braces. This Veena is likely the first to have Spruce used for the top. The wax used for the fret rails was discarded and replaced with Indian Rosewood. To my knowledge, this was the first of it's kind by removing the wax fingerboard and replacing it with Rosewood. Too many times, I've seen the wax melt that doing it all over again seemed silly. The dragon was removed and replaced with a custom carved swan decorated in gold-leaf. Pearl and rubies were used for the eyes. The remaining head colors were lacquer. The bridge was re-carved from Indian Rosewood. The multi-colored and intricately carved bindings were meticulously inlaid and fastened to the new Spruce soundbard. The body of the instrument, carved from a solid peace of teak was completely re-carved on the inside and out, making it thinner and more resonant. The ribs on the outside were re-carved in much more detail than that of the original crude carving. The entire instrument was finished with transparent Burgundy lacquer.

The Spruce top on this new custom Veena added an overwhelming warmth and brilliance. The special bracing added sustain and clarity to the tone color.

Custom Built Indian Veena
by an Experienced Luthier
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"The harmonium plays beautifully and we can only sit in awe at your expertise and tender care in repairing it. There are few if any luthiers who include harmonium repair, and you do it with great finesse. Thank you."
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