Custom Swaramandala

This instrument is a one of a kind, custom designed and built by Dave Schneider.

It has the highest quality tone woods using German Spruce for the top, beatifully figured Curly Maple for the sides and back. It has multi-colored bindings made from wood. The bracing was completely custom designed which gives it an incredible tone color and sustain. There are multiple pick-ups, 2 jacks for microphone and transducer inputs. It is tuned with finest quality German tuning pegs. It had a multi-layered carving of a lotus flower on the sound board with a mother of pearl Om inlayed in the center. Pearl fine tuning beads were incorporated into this design.

This Swarmandala is completely cosmic. Strum it and travel to all good places!

Custom Built Indian Swaramandala
by an Experienced Luthier
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"The harmonium plays beautifully and we can only sit in awe at your expertise and tender care in repairing it. There are few if any luthiers who include harmonium repair, and you do it with great finesse. Thank you."
~ wah
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