handmade solid body electric guitar

Custom Built Solid Body Electric Guitar
The Neutron

Proper fret engineering directly determines how easily the instrument can be played. It governs how accurately the intonation can be set and how quickly you can tune the guitar. It also determines how much energy is being transferred into the pickup by its strings -- in turn contributing to the brilliance of tone and sustain. So many things are the result of attention to the smallest details. Owners of my electric guitars constantly remark how easy they are to play. Even little things like polishing the frets can make all the difference. Proper fret shape and polish contributes to a big full sound with amazing vibrato and string-bending possibilities. This is a guitar you can grow into and a guitar that will develop your full potential as a musician.

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"To watch Dave Schneider at work is to see deep love, respect and mastery all merge into a high level of devotion and art. He doesn't just adjust or fix, he pours himself into each instrument as only a true artist can, and the result is outstanding."
~ Peter Hicks, Guitarist for Aradhna
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