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"Just a note of thanks for repairing my D'Angelico. You went above and beyond anything I expected. The tone and action is 10 times better that it was at its best. I can't put it down. You have returned a beloved instrument in much better shape than I expected. Thank you very much. Excellent work!"

R Gire

"David is the most talented and driven luthier I've ever known. He's shown great respect for all my guitars, regardless of pedigree - from a vintage strat to a favorite hand-painted Frankenstein to a top of the line Artist model - and dramatically improved their tone, accuracy, playability and beauty. It's no exaggeration to say it's always a transcendental before-and-after experience to play a guitar after it's been on a visit to Mr. Schneider's workshop."

Rob Fetters, Guitarist
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"What do you expect from a perfectionist - Perfection! Dave will never let a guitar leave his shop unless it is right. I have had the honor of playing all the guitars Dave has built this decade. They all have a balance of full range sound. Brilliant attack with just the right amount of bass and mid range to balance everything out with ringing sustain throughout the whole instrument. Every inch of the guitar is working together to achieve it's full potential. Of course I have not played every guitar on the planet but I have played enough to know Schneider Guitars are unique and in a class of their own. I own a Schneider guitar and it is the one in my collection I play everyday. He can bring an instrument to life reviving its spirit or some how passing on his to the instrument."

Tim Sylvester, Musician Producer, T-Sly Band and

"I'm a longtime vintage acoustic guitar collector, and I've been searching for a certain sound for many years. In 2003 I shared my ideas with Dave, and had him build a guitar for me. Needless to say, I haven't needed to look any farther. Dave built my dream guitar. Thanks, Dave!"

Doug Spahni

"The harmonium plays beautifully and we can only sit in awe at your expertise and tender care in repairing it. You offered so much, and I am happy to report continued perfect condition a year after your overhaul (we called it "open heart harmonium surgery" didn't we?). There are few if any luthiers who include harmonium repair, and you do it with great finesse. Thank you."

All love,

"He's the best guitar technician I've ever come across. One of the acoustic guitars he built and allowed me to play was hands down the finest acoustic guitar I've ever played in my life."

Rob Fetters, Guitarist

"I cannot express my gratitude and my satisfaction with this instrument. It is as if you read my mind and my soul. The selection of the woods, the shaping, and the electronics all contribute to the playability and tailoring of the instrument to my style and my desired tonality. But more than that, you created a being that speaks to my soul and allows me to speak through it. From the parts that compose it, it became part of what I do and what I am. Thank you."

Nick Tuttle

"He's a godsend," says Clare Callahan, professor of classical guitar at the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music. "I have two or three Ramirez (guitars) and he's done major surgery on them. I've never given him anything he couldn't do. He takes pride in his work, he's not just turning it out to make a buck. That's a special gift."

Internationally known harmonium player Krishna Das, an American-born musician and leader of the kirtan movement, sends his instruments to Mr. Schneider. For "K.D.," as he's known, music is a religious practice. He would only trust his harmoniums to a kindred spirit. "These are not just instruments to me," says Mr. Das, speaking from a yoga retreat in Utah. "I make love to God with these things everyday, so it's very special. And I always feel very good about sending them to Dave, knowing they'll come back the best they can be."

"Dave Schneider is an amazing craftsman who has truly transformed our instruments with his loving and meticulous touch. He has worked with great focus and skill on several instruments of ours, ranging from the Indian tamboura and esraj to really dialing in the feel on a Breedlove guitar."

Benjy Wertheimer (Shantala)

"Thru repair and restoration Dave has made all my instruments play to their full potential , treating Fender's Gibson's Martin's etc as if he built them himself. They all sound and play better than they did before he got his hands on them . He can bring an instrument to life reviving its spirit or some how passing on his to the instrument."

Tim Sylvester, Musician Producer
T-Sly Band and

"Dave has been my luthier for 15+ years. One word sums it up - PASSION. Another word, "Dream" is how your guitar plays after he Schneiderizes them. Words cannot describe how he makes a guitar play and sound. Nobody puts the expert craftsmanship, dedication, time and energy into making something so perfect as Dave. If you have paid 50 - 75% less for what Dave charges, you have paid too little and too much - all at the same time! I finally have learned "you get what we pay for" - especially with guitar luthiers. With Dave Schneider, you get more than you paid for every time. One more word - MASTER. Dave has an unusual spiritual connection with these instruments and his work reflects it and it reflects in his work. I have referred many of my closest musician friends to Dave. They all come back white as a ghost and loving every minute of it. We are fortunate to know the Master. If you haven't leaped and screamed after getting home and playing your guitar, I have a suggestion. Don't buy another one thinking it will change, take the one you have to Schneider Guitars. If you don't think your instruments or your musicianship are worth it, don't bother, his price will turn you away. If you have just purchased a new guitar, I urge you to spend a few more dollars and have Dave finish the job."

Brad Dance, Guitarist

"I just wanted to thank you in writing for the great job on my Spanish guitar--the refinishing, crack repairs, new machine heads, and other work early this autumn. The instrument seems perfect to me now and I aspire to keep it just as it is. I'm completely happy with your work; my brief separation from the guitar was not in vain. I'll be in touch next autumn for the follow-up maintenance you mentioned."

Jim Knippling

"To watch Dave Schneider at work is to see deep love, respect and mastery all merge into a high level of devotion and art. He doesn't just adjust or fix, he pours himself into each instrument as only a true artist can, and the result is outstanding. Having experienced many who claim to understand guitars and even call themselves luthiers, David is the first I have met who truly does and is. I would trust my guitar to no other!"

Peter Hicks, Guitarist for Aradhna

"The restoration work I had done on an antique Hiren Roy sitar, breathed new life into this instrument and transformed into a work of art. David is a master, with attention to detail and intention of beauty. I am honored to have this instrument, originally made by Ravi Shankar's sitar maker, restored to its' pristine state. I would love to own one of his guitars based on the quality of his work."

"So I get home, turn my amp on and after waiting 'bout 10 minutes for it to warm up, I plug my jazzmaster in, tune, and begin to play. I could only grin. I know I just heard the tone that fell from heaven. The clarity, the harmony, the unbridled POWER I had slung around my shoulder is something I have never known. It's like I'm holding a lighting bolt in my hands! Even my son ( the drummer ) who rarely comments on guitar sound, said he could hear every note. The main reason I had to take my guitar to the doctor was for better playability. Not only is it now a delight to play, but the unexpected improvment in tone is completely off the chain! Thanks so much for the professional advice and craftmanship done with care and pride. It means a great deal to this self-confessed guitar nerd, given that I spend so much time and energy doing what I do."


"After many years of looking for the "Holy Grail" of acoustic guitars and being frustrated on not getting the sound I was looking for, I had Dave build me one. I have now stopped looking!! Dave's acoustic guitars are the best. The tone and tamber is the best of any out there, vintage or new!! Thanks Dave, for building the best I have ever played!!!"

Douglas Spahni

"In the early 70s I bought a Gretsch Roc Jet guitar from Duke Kramer the head of Gretsch Musical Instruments whose parent company was Baldwin at the time. With his help and his son, Scott, I made a few modifications and played it through college. But it never played the way I envisioned it could. There was a problem with the next and the action. Not being a guitar expert, I bought another guitar and sold the Gretsch to a friend who wanted to work on it. After almost 20 years and after the death of Duke and his wife Fritzie I started to really want that old guitar back. I had heard of Dave Schneider and his ability to make a good guitar great. I called my old friend, Warren, and asked if I could buy the guitar back. He hadn't had time to ever work on it and it was in pretty rough shape. Warren was kind enough to give it back to me. I took it to Dave and he took it apart worked on the neck, frets, etc. Now I have the classic Gretsch guitar I always wanted and it is very playable. Dave did a great job on my guitar, now I just have to fine more time to play it."

Mark Celsor

"He's the best guitar technician I've ever come across. One of the acoustic guitars he built and allowed me to play was hands down the finest acoustic guitar I've ever played in my life."
~ Rob Fetters, Guitarist
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