Custom Built Solid Body Archtop Electric Guitar
The Phoenix

My electric arch-top design combines the electric sound of a solid body and the acoustic sound of an arch top. This guitar has four transducers located around the neck, body and bridge to give it a sound like no other guitar on the market. It has two separate jacks so it can be played through two separate amps or channels while recording. It has a great clean sound but it has an amazing sound when it is overdriven. It is quite a versatile instrument for any type of music.

Many guitarists have said it is the most beautiful and the best sounding guitar they have ever seen and played in their life. It has been called “sexy” by various women artists and musicians.

This, like all my other creations was made by hand with the help of a few power tools like a band saw, table saw, belt sander and a router. I don’t use CNC machines for any reason except for having my name inlaid on the head. D’Aquisto and D’Angelico used to send out their inlay work so I don’t feel so bad about having someone else do that operation. I still shape the necks with a spoke shave and rasps and hand carve the top and rest of the instruments decorations. There are very few luthiers still doing this because it is so time intensive but the benefits are breathtaking and produce a sound that CNC produced instruments don’t come close to.

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"One more word - MASTER. Dave has an unusual spiritual connection with these instruments and his work reflects it and it reflects in his work. I have referred many of my closest musician friends to Dave. They all come back white as a ghost and loving every minute of it. We are fortunate to know the Master."
~ Brad Dance, Florence, KY
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